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More Than Words

We are halfway through the world-renowned, 12-week Hanen More Than Words Program, and the participants have begun to put into practice the core strategies of Hanen — and it shows in their child’s communication. Changes in children’s communication became more visible as parents used two key strategies from Hanen more often- a) following your child’s lead b) observe wait and listen. Attendance for the 10 parent/caregivers has been excellent and the available childcare during the two-hour parent meetings has been a big hit.

Parents say their favorite parts of the class are learning from other families. We show videos of families in the class working on strategies during home visits. And we make time for parents and caregivers to share suggestions with each other about meeting their own family’s communication goals.

As the instructor, I am convinced that the Hanen method works. It provides parents with effective strategies to use everyday — multiple times a day, during everyday activities — to improve children’s interaction and communication skills. I look forward to what the second half will bring.[click to read more]


Social Support for Youth Who Stutter (and their Parents)

After a year in the making, Jenny’s Social Support Group for Youth Who Stutter (and their Parents) had our first meeting this past Wednesday. SLP Jenn Henzler led the small group in making low-tech “stress balls,” socializing, and getting to know each other. They made plans for the next meeting, May 18th from 4:30-5:30 pm., at Golden Pins, 1010 W. Miracle Mile, Tucson. RSVP at 520-989-9799 by May 16th.

Participants agreed that they wanted the group to focus on creating an environment that would inspire those who stutter by being around others who stutter. Two of the youth and their parents have experience with the National Stuttering Association (NSA) meetings in Phoenix, and they would like to create a similar experience here in Tucson. The motto of the NSA — “If you stutter you are not alone” — really hits home for them when they are in a group of individuals who stutter. Everyone involved is excited for the group to grow and share the benefits of working together. The group is free and for youth 5-14 years old. Please spread the word.[click to read more]