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Jenny’s Clinic recommends the upcoming autism training for parents of young children ( 4 – 7 years-old ) taught by Socialthinking.com in Phoenix on March 8-10th.   On the first day of the training, presenters Ryan Hendrix and Kari Zweber Palmer will address strategies to help kids work and play in groups.  I attended past training of Social Thinking and these presenters and found their presentation engaging and very, very informative.  Social Thinking is one of the leaders in the development of treatment models for children with autism.  Below is the description of the course found on their website, socialthinking.com.  See you there!

Practical, fun, and innovative strategies! Build on the concepts of how to help kids work, play, and learn in groups as well as improve their flexible thinking. We delve deeply into the following teaching concepts: understanding social expectations, flexible versus stuck thinking, identifying the size of the problem, making smart guesses, and sharing an imagination. Introducing Social Thinking’s newest tool for treatment* planning, the Group Collaboration, Play, and Problem Solving Scale to differentiate the play-based teaching methods appropriate for each child. Core information is from We Thinkers! Volume 2 Social Problem Solvers (this book is the second volume of the series formerly called The Incredible Flexible You).

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