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Jenny’s is happy to announce a number of NEW speech-language events in April.

  1. Autism Walk/Run  2016 – Kino Sports Complex. Sponsored by the Society of Southern Arizona.  This Saturday, April 9th. This event has grown each year and is an excellent opportunity for kids with special needs to learn about resources in town and also have a good time! There are two walks: 1 mile and 5 miles. You can register onsite starting at 7:30 am. There will be activities and free gifts for the whole family.  Jenny’s will be there with a photo booth and bubble machine.
  2. Social Group for Kids and Families of Children Who Stutter – Wednesday, April 27th, Jenny’s Clinic. Jenny’s will be hosting their first event for kids (ages 4-15 years-old) and their families at the end of April. A downloadable flier and webpage will be up soon.  The stutter social group will be happening once a month with the goal of having youth and parents meet each other.  There will be fun outings planned in the Tucson community.  Group will be led by Jennifer Henzler, speech-language pathologist.
  3. Kinder Readiness Camps. Jenny’s will be offering 2-week camps this summer to help prepare child Kindergarten. Go to the Jenny’s Clinic link to get your FREE Kinder Readiness Guide, watch a video and learn more about the kinder camps.