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 If you’re a family that celebrates a part of this season with an egg hunt, and you’re like us – a family with a kid on the autism spectrum that has verbal processing difficulties – you’re might wonder about the best way to convey the whole concept of egg hunts!
In our home, we have often found that one of the best ways to convey certain concepts has been through books or even YouTube videos.  Last year, we started weeks in advance in such preparation, but the concept still seemed to be eluding us, so we ended up with a tech-friendly scavenger-esque hunt.  Below are the simple, but effective steps we took.
1. First, we hid our eggs.
2. Then we took pictures of the hiding spots.
3. Third, we let our 4-year-old look at the photos for his “clue”.
4. He hunted for his egg.
5.  Last, we made sure he understood how many there were, so there was a clear ending point.
By the time the “hunt” was done, he seemed to grasp the concept and had fun doing it! I don”t think it will be necessary this year, but the plan is to be prepared to make the photos more challenging to up the game.  We hope some of you find this of some use and enjoy the Spring seasons!
Dani DuBois
Aidan Mickle’s Mom and Jenny’s Parent