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My name is Magdalena Moreno. My daughter receives speech therapy at Jenny’s Speech and Learning Clinic. I have experience with many programs set up to assist special need children. I would like to offer my help to any parent that will like assistance with navigating the bureaucracy in the institutions and processes listed below. Keep in mind that I can only offer advice from experience, I am not a lawyer or an expert:

1 – Adoption – I was lucky enough to have the help of the best Adoption Lawyer in town. He has many years of experience and is well verse on the laws that regulate adoptions in Arizona.

2 – The Children Clinic – My daughter was accepted to the program due to a heart condition and has been seen by podiatry, neurology and optometry in addition to the cardiology Department. The institution also provides rehabilitation therapies such as PT, OT and speech.

3 – ALTCS (Arizona Long Term Care System) – This is a great resource. The application process is tedious, difficult and depressing.   However, the benefits far outweigh all the frustrations.

4 – Tucson Unified School District’s Project ABLE – My daughter attended the program at Borton Primary Magnet school for two years. This program was created to enhance the child’s development in speech, social, motor, self-help and cognition areas. My child was accepted to the program after an application process that started when she was two years old. There were several meetings with program specialists and a long evaluation. The program provides transportation and is four days a week for 2.5 hours a day with a special needs instructor, two assistance and several specialists.

5 – ESA (Empowerment Scholarship) – This is a state program that provides education financial resources in exchange for not using the free education available to all Arizonans. The program starts at Kindergarten. However, you can apply at any grade from K to 12.

6 – Horses With Wings Therapeutic Riding & Equine Assisted Learning – The goal of the program is to improve the lives of special needs riders of all ages. My child takes weekly therapeutic riding lessons and has a great time with the horse and the staff.

7 — I love Jenny’s speech and learning clinic.  As soon as I open the door I feel a welcoming and friendly environment.  One of the main reasons I continue bringing my child is that Maura Castellanos, my daughter’s therapist, works patiently and enthusiastically with her – even on Saturdays!  Maura engages my child using games and songs and is always happy to work with her.  My daughter’s speech has gotten progressively better; and I have a feeling that with this therapy , my child will be communicating all her feelings and needs in a few years.