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I am so excited to introduce this new segment of our blog; “Fab app Fridays”! Each Friday, I will be posting a new blog entry, reviewing some of my favorite ‘apps’ or applications that I think are FABULOUS on the iOS system, since I use an iPad during some of my therapy sessions. I will try to keep the apps limited to ones that are mostly affordable, or free!

So, to kick off our new blog segment, let me present our first “fab app”…….

App name: “My PlayHome” for the iOS system or Android

(Photo credit goes to the app developer, “My Play Home Ltd”)

Price: $2.99 in the iTunes store and Google Play

Description: This app is a fun, interactive game that allows players to manipulate various characters in the family (there’s a mom, dad, brother, sister, and baby) by having them complete various daily living tasks in the home. Their description of it says for players ages 2 and up. It offers a variety of different rooms, as well as an outdoor space to play. You can have the characters in the game can eat, brush teeth, jump on a trampoline, etc. So cool!

Why I love it: Well first, the price is so reasonable. Second, you can work on lots of great daily living skills during speech therapy for children working on sequencing routines, building new vocabulary, following multi-step verbal directions, and more! I hope you will find it as helpful as I have; it’s a great tool for teaching, especially for children with Autism who need to work on carrying out tasks that involve many steps, or that will encourage independence.

(Photo credit: www.friendshipcircle.org)

Note to readers: Jenny’s Speech and Learning Clinic is not affiliated in any way, nor do we receive any type of compensation for promoting various apps. We are simply trying to provide useful resources for parents, caregivers, fellow therapists, educators, and any other readers that are looking for great apps for our amazing kids! 🙂