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Intensive intervention for your child- That is what the Hanen More Than Words program is about.

More Than Words is about giving the parent, the tools and confidence to try new behaviors with their child, that with some time, will increase their child’s attention and communication.

It’s about individual goals for each child every week that fit into their current daily routine. Parents don’t have to find more time to do the Hanen strategies. The goal is that you practice the strategies through-out the day. Most often during mealtimes, bath time, or play time.
More Than Words is about learning 8 key strategies in-depth and trying them out in class with other parents before you try them at home.


More Than Words is about 4 home or clinic visits with your very own SLP who personalizes your child’s speech goals for each of the 12-weeks.


It’s about 4 video tape/analysis sessions with your SLP. Many parents reported that this was one of their favorite parts of the course because it was so effective.


It’s about bonding with other parents who may have a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or a child that is not diagnosised with ASD but has significant social communication challenges. Many parents formed relationships that they maintained after the 12-week course ended.


It is about using specific strategies to help children learn to:

  • pay attention
  • imitate
  • understand
  • play better
  • interact often with you and others
  • all within a predictable and structured environment

You have probably discovered that changing a child’s behavior is difficult.  Sometimes they may say a word or do something social, but only a few times and you don’t hear it or see it again.

As someone who has a special interest in working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, I have learned to think differently about a child’s communication and to look at all their behavior-even nonverbal behavior – as communication.  What is so impressive to me about the Hanen More Than Words program is that their strategies work and they work even better if we can teach them to parents who can, in effect, give their child “speech therapy” all day long.


Even if you do not sign-up for the More Than Words program I want to share with you a quote from a Hanen instructor that made me think and smile: “Therapy is what happens between therapy visits to the specialist.”  Parents will always be their child’s first and most important teacher.
Guy Garcia

Speech-language pathologist
P.S. Below are testimonials from other More Than Words Participants
“What made this group so memorable for me was knowing that I’m not the only one in this situation.”


“I feel much better about myself as a parent because now I am able to help my child.”


“I learned that communication is two-way, not just giving instructions to my child.”


“I used to believe my child would learn by osmosis. Now I know how important slowed-down, repetitive language really is.”


“I realized that I was always choosing what to play and how to play.”


“I don’t think I was patient enough. I’ve learned to slow down and wait to give him a chance to initiate.”


“I now know how important it is to cue him if he doesn’t take a turn. Before, I would just assume he couldn’t do it.”


“I bombarded my child with questions. Now I’m using fewer questions and giving her a chance to answer.”