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Hi everyone! This Friday’s Fab App is called “Preposition Builder”. What’s a preposition, you ask? Any word that denotes a place in space; examples would be “in”, “through”, “between”, “under”, “beside”, etc. These concepts can be especially difficult for children with language disorders to learn and use in their everyday speech, as well as follow directions that involve these concepts.

App name: “Preposition Builder” from Mobile Education Store

2012-11-09 06.09.26 screen shot Preposition Builder

See it here at the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/prepositionbuilder/id413939528?mt=8

Price: $7.99 in the iTunes store

Description: Preposition Builder is an app that teaches children about various prepositional concepts and some have to do with spatial concept awareness. One thing to note, children using the app who cannot read yet will need an adult’s help with the word choices when given word banks. Here’s the different modules:

1. In-On-Under
2. Down-Up-Off
3. Above-Below-At-By
4. Behind-Between-Beside
5. Out of-Next to-Away from
6. Toward-Around-Through
7. To-From-At
8. Across-Past-Over
9. With-About-For

screen480x480 Preposition Builder

Why I love it: This is great for traveling SLP’s, who can’t always bring every material, game, deck of cards, etc. with them. This app can track data for your students/patients, too! It’s a nicely designed app with cute graphics and even some funny video with the pirate. It is interactive, fun, and has potential to teach these concepts in fun and creative ways. It allows for children to experience and play with the concepts when your physical space is limited (I often like to play preposition games by moving around my therapy room or classroom!). But this app is great when you don’t have a lot of space available. It’s also fun for your kiddos to do in the car or while waiting at a doctor’s appointment (ahem, parents!).

Note to readers: Jenny’s Speech and Learning Clinic is not affiliated in any way, nor do we receive any type of compensation for promoting various apps. We are simply trying to provide useful resources for parents, caregivers, fellow therapists, educators, and any other readers that are looking for great apps for our amazing kids! 🙂