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This week’s Fab App is all about animal sounds and animal fun! We love playing “peekaboo”, and we love farm animals, so obviously we love this app “Peekaboo Barn!” It’s a great app for early intervention, young children who are late talkers, and preschool-aged children.

If you’re new to Fab App Fridays, here’s the scoop on FAF: Each app reviewed in FAF are some of my favorite apps that I think are fabulous, since I often use an iPad in therapy sessions. All the apps are tested by me, and are either under $10, or free!

This week’s app is:

App name: “Peekaboo Barn” from Night and Day Studios, Inc.
****THIS APP IS BILINGUAL! It is available in 12 different languages!***

Peekaboo Barn

See it here for the iTunes App store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id300590611?mt=8

See it here on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Night-Day-Studios-Inc-Peekaboo/dp/B005DU213G/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1425760470&sr=8-1&keywords=peekaboo+barn

Price: $1.99 in the iTunes store, Amazon, or Android

Description: Peekaboo Barn is a great app for young children. It is a simple, yet engaging interactive game where children will open the barn doors, and a different farm animal is inside the barn each time. The animal makes their sound before the barn doors open, and you and your child can try to guess which animal is inside. You can easily open the door by tapping the barn once, and reveals the animal, making their sound, and it is supplemented by the word printed in the corner of the screen when the animal pops up.

Why I love it: It’s BILINGUAL! Well, multi-lingual actually. It’s in 12 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES! Yay! Peekaboo Barn is a great way to for young children to get engaged, working on beginning communication skills. If your child is not yet talking, often children will be more likely to make vocalization attempts by imitating animal sounds (‘moo’, ‘baa’, ‘eee’, etc.) rather than trying to imitate whole words. Always be sure to praise, reinforce, and acknowledge communication attempts from our little ones!

Peekaboo barn Llama

Peekaboo barn el cerdo

The nice thing about Peekaboo barn is that it is very cute, and very simple. The simplicity is nicely crafted so that it isn’t overwhelming, but still draws the interest of young children. It’s great for early intervention, late talking toddlers, and children with other developmental delays. It can also be used as a great reinforcement tool for preschoolers that would go along nicely with rodeo lessons, farm animal lessons, the Old MacDonald song, farm-theme puzzles, and more.

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