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Hey everyone! This week’s edition of “Fab App Fridays” is for all of our little artists out there! Bubl Draw is a fun app that children of all ages can enjoy.

If you’re new to Fab App Fridays, here’s the scoop on FAF: Each app reviewed in FAF are some of my favorite apps that I think are fabulous, since I often use an iPad in therapy sessions. All the apps are tested by me, and are either under $10, or free!

This week’s app is:
App name: “Bubl Draw” from GmbH, for the iOS system

See it here at the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bubl-draw/id719169017?mt=8

Price: $ 0.99 in the iTunes store

screen520x924 bubl draw

Description: This app is a fabulous artistic app that allows for the child to learn and explore the cause-effect relationship of drawing on their virtual “art easel”. As the child draws, taps, and scribbles, the art that is drawn plays music of different genres (one sounds classical, another kind of techno, and the third has some Latin flavor to it!). Colors are bright, shown in different patterns, and some of the patterns are high contrast, great for infants as well as children with vision impairment. It’s simple, yet engaging and rather enjoyable (my husband played around with it for 10 minutes when I showed it to him!).

Why I love it: This app is great for exploration for little ones, as well as incorporating musical play into your child’s free time. It can teach a cause-effect relationship, since once the child stops playing, the music eventually stops playing. In order to start the music again, you have to draw more, which encourages children to color, tap, or click again. It also will play the music for a bit, once you have created an art masterpiece, so it combines the musical art with the drawing and painting art into one beautiful auditory and visual experience! It also gets kids talking and commenting when they see how many different things the program can do. Each color or pattern choice has its own unique sound, so it allows for older children to work on adjectives, descriptive language, and commenting.

Note to readers: Jenny’s Speech and Learning Clinic is not affiliated in any way, nor do we receive any type of compensation for promoting various apps. We are simply trying to provide useful resources for parents, caregivers, fellow therapists, educators, and any other readers that are looking for great apps for our amazing kids! 🙂