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According to a study cited by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (July 2016), there is a beneficial relationship between music exposure and improved speech processing in babies. The researchers behind the University of Washington study found stronger neural responses to music and speech patterns in 9-month-old babies who had attended music-play sessions with their parents, compared to those who had play sessions in social environments without music.  

To read the complete study, go to National Academy of Sciences (www.bit.ly/music-speech-study).

What does this finding mean? It reinforces what SLPs have seen in the field for decades:  Musical Play and Song are beneficial activities to the development of speech-language skills. During speech therapy, music and song motivates children to use their voices and increases their engagement and attention. At Jenny’s Speech Clinic, we offer GLAM classes. Our SLP, Maura Castellanos, developed these Guided Language and Music classes on the basis of research and her experience in the field. 

Here is a list of songs that you can find on Youtube that are great for kids:

Good Morning Song_Circle Time Song for Children

Sesame Street Common and Colbie Caillat – “Belly Breathe” with Elmo

Goodbye Song for Children- Day’O Time To Go Home


www.gonoodle.com (free website with lots of great songs)