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Something to remember to help your child grow their language faster – Focus on interaction before speech and language. Interaction is the most important. Get the interaction…and then you get the language.

Interaction > Language

With that in mind, Jenny’s Clinic recommends toys that you can use to improve your interactions. Also, remember to use the Hanen interaction strategies such as OWL, Observe Wait & Listen and Face-to-Face with your child. Using these two strategies alone will change your interactions significantly. Ok, now to the toys!

  1. Marbulous Marble Run { $ 16.79 – $ 27.50 } This toy is excellent for children whose sensory preference is visual or children who like to put things together. Offer your child choices of the different parts, colors, marbles…etc.
  2. Kinetic Sand – Sandbox & Molds Activity Set { $ 21.17 }  Kinetic Sand is fun for kids whose attention is held by textures.
  3. Mini Trampoline 36″–  { $ 28.99 } Mini trampolines are a good way to get-out that anxiety.  Remember you can sing and count.  Stop. Wait. And Listen.
  4. Exercise Ball 45 cm. –  { 19.55 } Another excellent toy for kinesthetic learners. Sing. Stop and listen.
  5. 50 Counting Bears with 5 Cups  { $7.43 }  Fun for kids who focus on details and order.
  6. Legos ! Duplo blocks, Foam blocks, Wood Blocks –   { $ 11.47 } Some toys never go out of style. Star Wars Legos are fun right now.
  7. EeeBoo Categories Game { $16.99 } A fun card game for kids working on vocabulary categories such as: instruments, vehicles, actions, colors, animals.

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