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What do parents think of our therapy? Watch below.

I liked the online therapy because it gave us the opportunity to be in our home and for my son to be in his own element, which he really prefers. For him to be himself. Sometimes when we go other places he tends to kinda shut down. Being in our own house, he could be himself and we could get right to the therapy, rather than taking a few times for him to get comfortable.

I have seen changes in him. He actually really looked forward to seeing Guy on the screen. I got a lot of good ideas for myself with him. A lot of good lessons, lesson plans, picture cards. All that was very beneficial for us.

I think the earlier the better. If you start early, if you end up needing help or not, it is only going to help them. I would say you don’t want to wait, because sometimes they can get further behind. And then it takes a lot longer to catch up.

Thank you so much for everything. We were super worried and nervous and I feel so much better than 3 weeks ago. He is 27 months now. I didn’t want to get to 2.5 and he is still saying like 5 words. I wanted to be proactive and get the ball rolling.

Jillian Miller

Mother of a 27-month old son

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